The Battle of Wits started Google vs Samsung Chrome Book

Google has taken the step of delivering its vision for cloud computing delivery. It has unveiled new Chrome Book which is based on the chrome operating system from Acer and Samsung.
In their first year of sale, chrome books have not yet made an impression in the market. Many individuals have also been embracing the iPad, which has led to the slowing down of computer purchases.
The magnificent chrome book’s reception is raising questions whether Google has since misjudged computer demand with the design of connecting to the dominant search engine and the expanding range of online services, ranging from the mails to the recently introduced drive storage system.
The new Chrome Book offers less than tablets. Therefore, they do not interest consumers. The intentions of google are to tackle things steadily with chrome books so as to give technicians enough time to learn the disadvantages of the tablet so as to come up with developments.
samsung chrome book
These notebooks run two and a half times faster as compared with predecessor a machine, which boasts of high definition video. Google has added additional features that enable users to edit offline documents. The pricing of the Google Chrome Book is very affordable and their display depends with the processors.
The new Samsung Chrome Book is available in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain. This series is pocket friendly as many people can purchase it. The Samsung units will be available from online shops such as Best Buy’s online and Amazon.Com. The notebooks are the main focus of Google because usage of the Web is what many individuals are utilizing today.
New Samsung Chrome Book Features
The Chrome operating system is lightweight in nature. It is web-based with no BIOS startup processing. The users of the chrome OS can download and open apps like Gmail, and Angry birds and use them with the chrome browser. During the first delivery of notebooks, Google delivered thousands to cater for the appetite of users. However, this chrome book does not possess an internal storage. This means that all apps will reside in the cloud servers of Google.
chrome book
A single charge of the new Samsung chrome book will last a full day of connecting to users all over using 3G networks. The Chrome Books are extremely secure through the special of Google’s security practice. Google is enabling schools and businesses to adopt chrome books through subscription.  This can be a major market driver if the consumer segment will fail to embrace new machines and models. The Samsung Chrome Book plus the cloud management console will help in managing user access.

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